Gmail Lets Us Tell Chat from Spaces with New Notification Icons

Lily Milton

21 Mar 2022

Gmail Lets Us Tell Chat from Spaces with New Notification Icons

The new interface of Gmail for Android was a bit confusing the moment it was introduced. Now, Google updates the appearance of the notification icons. This seemingly small update makes Chat and Spaces visually distinct, so it’s easier to see where this notification comes from. This makes some difference for power users of Google apps.

Previously, it was hard to tell by an icon in the notification bar whether the new message was received in Google Chat or Google Spaces. One had to pull the bar down to see where the message came from. Both looked the same: a filled white message with an empty one behind it. These identical notifications could create (and often created) a certain confusion.

Now, Chat will show you a simpler picture, with just an empty bubble, with nothing behind. As for messages from Spaces, the icon for them looks like a group of three persons, with one standing ahead of the others. Now, these icons look the same as in the bottom bar of the updated Gmail for Android. The old icon is ditched to save further confusion. On the illustration published by Google, though, it’s still present as an example of how it used to look.

This attention to Workspace services is normal for today’s Google. As it has killed off the Hangouts app, it invests more in its current communication services. Google Chat is great for private messaging, while Spaces is a part of an environment for groups, integrated with Google Drive, Google Docs, and other popular services. These icons highlight this difference with their appearance.

What do you think of Google’s attempts to rearrange its Workspace? Is it your default environment for teamwork or personal management? If not, what does it lack? And how do these minor changes affect the overall impression? Welcome to the comments, please; tell us your opinion!

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