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All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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The description of Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is a free version of a highly enjoyable arcade game with vibrant, futuristically styled graphics and extremely addictive gameplay. In this fast-moving, rhythmic platformer, players are offered to climb, fly, jump, and perform a number of various other activities to pass a challenging zone of geometric obstacles. Download Geometry Dash Lite from Google Play and prepare for the most exciting gaming experiences of your life!

Gameplay and Visuals

The game is pretty much about you being able to quickly determine the right time to jump over and fly through various geometrical obstacles that are moving your way. You will also have quite a few things to collect or avoid in the process, as well as many enemies to survive. New players can stick around the practice mode for a while to get the hang of it and master all necessary moves before they launch on a real mission.

The graphics and music in the game are widely recognized and highly praised by many users. Bright colors, captivating tunes, and adorable futuristic characters and objects make Geometry Dash Lite an absolute success.

New Levels, More Challenges

As you advance in this game, the complexity of its levels increases. You are now expected to move faster, think ahead, and stay alert all the time for every little slip-up can throw you back to the very beginning, and you will have to start over. As a reward for your prowess, you can unlock new accessories and colors to personalize your chosen character and make it look even smarter.

Things You Need To Discuss With Your Kid

While the lite version of the game is free of any inappropriate content and in-app purchases, there are still too many advertisements that kids interact with. Warn them about the dangers of clicking through links that lead to unknown websites. Also, make sure you talk to your child about how they can deal with the frustration of losing in the game and explain the importance of taking an occasional break if things get out of control.


    The game is suitable for all ages and features no violence or suggestive content;

    Fast-paced and very addictive gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours;

    Great colorful visuals and catchy musical themes;

    There is a convenient practice mode where you can polish all the main moves you’ll need in the game;

    The game promotes your concentration and attention to detail.


    The game might feel overly frustrating when a minor misstep puts you back at the start;

    Many neat options, such as additional levels or game level constructor, are only available in the full version;

    The controls scheme sometimes lacks responsiveness.

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