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All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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The description of PAC-MAN

Pac-Man is the most recent mobile-oriented reincarnation of the iconic arcade action hit that features the same memorable 8-bit arcade graphics, simple but captivating gameplay, poppy music, and, of course, the adorable Pac-Man character. Download Pac-Man for free and relive some of the most delightful moments of your childhood.

Time-Honored Gameplay and New Locations

The premise of this game is straightforward and well-known: you are to help the Pac-Man character to safely find his way out of the maze haunted by angry ghosts that go by nicknames of Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde. Pac-Man must, at all costs, avoid meeting with them while also trying to maintain his stamina by eating pac-dots and collecting fruits. Coming across a power pallet allows Pac-Man to halt the chase for some time; however, the more you advance in the game, the more fast-paced its stages become, and the sooner that halting effect wears off.

The new Pac-Man mobile game for Android devices includes all the classic mazes along with some unique mobile-only locations. You can play this game at a convenient pace or complete various daily quests and missions to score tokens and use those to unlock new, more challenging mazes. 

Graphics and Music

In terms of its graphical representation and background music, mobile Pac-Man is a worthy successor of the original arcade game. If you sometimes feel nostalgic about the old days when you would come to the arcade parlor with a handful of coins and spend long hours at a Pac-Man machine trying to help the poor pizza-shaped guy unthread the dangerous maze, you are most likely to appreciate the game’s design. However, if you are spoiled by the mind-blowing 3D visuals and Oscar-winning soundtracks that many of today’s games boast, you will not be overly impressed with it.

The Bottom Line

While there are plenty of video game franchises that are better left to die a peaceful and natural death, Pac-Man is definitely not one of them. Having been around for almost 40 years, the game has now smoothly and painlessly transformed into a quality mobile-oriented software product that still gives us tons of pure pleasure and excitement.


    Entertaining, recognizable gameplay that can’t get old;

    Lots of fun-packed levels whose difficulty increases as you progress;

    High level of authenticity and great respect for the original smash hit.


    Tons of annoying ads between stages;

    Players who are used to more sophisticated, cutting-edge graphics might find the game a bit outdated;

    On some smaller screen devices, controls are less responsive.

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