Fortnite Continues to Evolve and Get Faster With Cyberpunk Theme

Lily Milton

11 Mar 2023

Fortnite Continues to Evolve and Get Faster With Cyberpunk Theme

It’s been two years since Fortnite jumped into the world of battle royale, and the game has continued to evolve ever since. Epic Games’ latest major update is introducing a cyberpunk theme and speeding up the game even more. Players will now be able to take advantage of new mobility options like swimming, sprinting, and vehicles.

The zero build mode was a major game changer that allowed the game to become much faster. Players can now swim and sprint around the map, and they can also use vehicles like cars and dirtbikes. The addition of these new features has made the game feel much more dynamic and has increased the pace of play.

The cyberpunk theme will add a new layer of complexity to the game. The map will be transformed with new locations and a sci-fi feel. Players will be able to battle it out in new underground areas and futuristic-looking cityscapes.

The game has also seen the addition of new weapons like the Drum Gun and the Grappler Gun. The Drum Gun is a high-powered machine gun that shoots out a barrage of bullets. The Grappler Gun is a powerful weapon that allows players to grapple with the environment and quickly move around the map.

It’s clear that Fortnite is continuing to evolve and become faster with each passing update. The cyberpunk theme has added a whole new layer of complexity to the game and has increased the speed of play. Players now have access to new weapons and mobility options that make the game even more exciting.

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