Mastering Pentiment: The Ultimate Guide to Saving Aedoc and Unlocking the Cornish Patient Achievement

Lily Milton

08 May 2023

Mastering Pentiment: The Ultimate Guide to Saving Aedoc and Unlocking the Cornish Patient Achievement

Pentiment, a decision-based game that keeps players on their toes, challenges them to make the right choices within the mystical land of Tassing. In this guide, you will discover the steps needed to save Aedoc in Act 2, ultimately earning the Cornish Patient Achievement. Follow the outlined path to ensure the best possible outcome in your Pentiment journey.

Step 1: Initiate Aedoc's Affliction Quest

Initiate Aedoc's Affliction Quest

During Act 2, venture into Abbey's library, where you will uncover a secret door leading to Brother Aedoc. Once inside, you'll learn that Aedoc is suffering from chest pains, thanks to Brother Florian. As Florian is trapped within the library, he cannot reach his medical tools to assist Aedoc, and he suggests seeking Sister Gertrude for help in finding a medicinal plant to aid Aedoc.

Step 2: Locate Sister Gertrude

Depending on your game's timeline, Sister Gertrude can be found in either the Convent Garden or the Shrine to St. Moritz. Discover her whereabouts and proceed to engage her in conversation regarding Brother Aedoc's condition and the medical plant needed for his recovery.

Step 3: Finding the Yellow Gentian

Finding the Yellow Gentian

Sister Gertrude will point you in the direction of the Yellow Gentian, a key ingredient in concocting the curative broth to alleviate Aedoc's chest pains. The plant is located near the mountains, so explore the forest to find this vital ingredient. When discussing the Yellow Gentian with Sister Gertrude, take caution not to mention the flower found by Caspar – doing so may result in a glitch that prevents further progress in the quest.

Step 4: Collect the Yellow Gentian and Deliver It

Navigate the meadow area outside the Abbey and head toward the forest situated to the left. Keep an eye out for the Yellow Gentian, as it can only be located in the Waterfall area just before the bridge. Once you have secured the plant, deliver it to Sister Gertrude, who will then require some time to prepare Aedoc's medicine.

Step 5: Administer the Medicine and Save Aedoc

Administer the Medicine and Save Aedoc

Lastly, once Sister Gertrude has completed the curative broth using the Yellow Gentian, make your way back to Aedoc and administer the medicine as soon as possible. Successfully providing the remedy will save Aedoc's life, rewarding you with the coveted Cornish Patient Achievement and recognizing your dedication and compassion within the world of Pentiment.

By following this comprehensive guide, you'll ensure the well-being of Brother Aedoc in the mystical realm of Tassing. Embark on your Pentiment adventure with confidence, knowing that you're well-prepared to face the challenges and unlock the achievements that lie ahead.

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