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All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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The description of Gacha Club

Gacha Club is an upcoming game developed by Lunime. It is the successor to the game Gacha Life, which has amassed more than 10 million downloads on Android devices alone. Gacha Life was released less than 2 years ago in October 2018, and was followed by Gacha Club, which is set to be released in early 2020. Gacha Life is an episodic game, which means that updates are released on a weekly basis.  It is a game that is played for free. The player is given a character and has to dress them up with clothing, hats, accessories, etc. The player has the option to go shopping for these items or to receive them as gifts. There are also various non-playable characters who will give the player items in return for certain items, or just for visiting them. The player can also edit scenes, creating an awesome background with various props, which can be shared with other players.


Gacha Club has much better replayability than its predecessor Gacha Life. Gacha Club has 50 character slots, in contrast to the 20 character slots available in Gacha Life. You can also create up to 8 characters in a scene in Gacha Club, compared to the 4 characters in Gacha Life. The player can create up to 20 characters, each with their own customizations. The player can dress up each character, giving them clothes, hats, shoes, and accessories. There are also over 100 non-playable characters who will give the player gifts in return for visiting them. The player can also edit scenes by adding props. Each character can only wear one hat, one pair of shoes, and one set of gloves, but can wear any number of clothes.


The graphics in Gacha Club are much better than in Gacha Life. Gacha Club has improved animations, more detail, better lighting, and more realistic textures.

Information about replayability

There are many more ways to replay this game, for example, it is possible to create custom scenes with up to 8 characters instead of only 4 in Gacha Life.


  • Better graphics
  • Gacha Battles
  • Pets
  • More character slots
  • Better customization
  • More options


  • Gacha Club only allows 20 characters to be created at a time
  • Gacha Club only allows 10 characters in a scene

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