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All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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The description of Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a collaboration tool that is used by educators to simplify and organize their work. This system allows for students and teachers to share and collaborate on assignments, quizzes, and other classwork. For example, the teacher can upload a document and then have students edit it in the Google Docs editor.


Google Classroom has many features that make it a useful tool for teachers to use. One of the features is the “live chat” feature. This feature is very useful because it allows for two-way communication with the teacher as well as with the students. Another feature is the “assignments” feature. This feature allows for teachers to assign students tasks. Along with the “assignments” feature, the “shares” feature is also helpful. This feature allows for teachers to share documents with all of the students in a class. The “comments” feature also helps with providing feedback to students in the class.


Google Classroom is designed to be simple and easy to use. Teachers are able to use the Google Classroom through their Google Apps account. The design is very simple and only has a few tabs. The tabs include a “class” tab, “assignments” tab, and a “share” tab.

Information about replayability of Google Classroom

Google Classroom makes it easy for teachers to reuse and modify their work. Teachers are able to reuse work such as documents and assignments. They are also able to modify work. For example, if the teacher wants to give out the same assignment but with a different question, they are able to modify the previous assignment and add a new question.


  • Google Classroom is a collaborative tool that allows teachers and students to work together and share work with each other;
  • Teachers are able to assign work for students to complete and then provide feedback;
  • Teachers have the opportunity to reuse and modify work;


  • Google Classroom is only available through the Google Apps account;
  • Google Classroom is not always accessible for every student, which can be a disadvantage for some students;
  • Teachers are not always able to access Google Classroom when they are not in the classroom;


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