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All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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The description of Among Us

Among Us is a horror survival game that was developed by Superboss Games. It is an indie game for Windows, Mac, and Linux that was funded by Kickstarter. It is an atmospheric game that is played from a first-person perspective and is set in a forest in which the players have to escape from a haunted forest. The gameplay of the game can be described as a combination of walking, running, and hiding from the monsters. The game features over twenty monsters and the player has to be quick in order to evade them.


The player has to find the exit of the forest and escape from it. To do so, the player must move through the forest, find the various items, and solve the puzzles that are present in the game. The player can either walk or run and can also hide in dark places. If the player is caught by one of the many monsters that can be found in the game, the game is over.

The player can find various weapons that can be used to kill the monsters. The player can also find food that can be used to regain health.


The graphics in the game are 2D and are created with the Unity engine.

Information about replayability of Among Us

Among Us has replayability of 10% as the game is linear and the player has to play the game in a linear manner.


  • The game is atmospheric and is set in a forest;
  • The player has to find various items and solve various puzzles;
  • The player has to evade the many monsters that are present in the game;
  • There are many weapons that can be found in the game;
  • The player can regain his health by finding food;


  • The graphics in the game are 2D;
  • The game is linear;

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Interesting Facts

3 Surprising Facts About Among Us.

It Had a Different Title

Did you know that Among Us wasn’t always called that way? Yep, that’s a (not so well known) fact. When the developers began working on the game, it had the working title of SpaceMafia. Then it was officially named Among Us. Some video gaming fans still think the working title was a lot cooler. In Spain, the game is officially called ‘Between Us’, by the way (‘Entre Nosotros’).

Among Us 2 Was Almost Released

Would you decide to download the sequel of the game to your Android/iPhone or PC if you found out that it’s coming out? In 2020, the devs considered releasing the second installment of the game. However, sometime later, they changed their minds and decided that so far, they should focus on refining the original game until it’s pure perfection.

The Game Didn’t Become Popular Overnight

Among Us was originally launched in 2018 and had less than 1,000 downloads when it was first released. It was only two years later when it grew on a multitude of gaming enthusiasts across the globe. Slow but steady (and then wild). It’s all about the popularity growth of this gaming phenomenon (or, rather, sensation).