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All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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The description of Gang Beasts

The Gang Beasts video game is a 2D multiplayer party game with a variety of modes to choose from. The game is also a physics-based wrestling game. The game includes a variety of different features like:

  • -8 different game modes;
  • -Online and local multiplayer;
  • -Full controller support;
  • -Customizable gameplay settings;
  • -Original soundtrack;
  • -Cartoonish graphics;
  • -Physics-based gameplay.


The graphics of the game are very cartoon-like and child-friendly. The characters are cartoony with some exaggerated features like the ears and the eyes.


In the game, players can choose from 8 different game modes with each one having other objectives. The game modes include:

  • -Team Fight;
  • -Deathmatch;
  • -Capture the Bag;
  • -King of the Hill;
  • -Throwdown;
  • -Co-op;
  • -Arena;
  • -Hog.

Each game mode has different objectives, and the game is physics-based.

Replay Value

The game includes different modes, and each mode has different objectives, so there is a lot of replay value.

Available on Platforms

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  • icon mobile
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  • icon desktop

Interesting Facts

Reasons Why You Should Download and Play Gang Beasts

The Game Is Very Fun With Friends

Gang Beasts is truly among the funniest beat-em-ups on the party game scene these days. A cheap and effective way to relax and just switch off from the worries of the real world, while having a good laugh with your like-minded playmates along the way. The game is incredibly entertaining and a great way to have fun with your gaming buddies. And it performs particularly well on Xbox One.

It’s A Lively Mix of Conflict and Chaos 

The game creates a vigorous (and surprisingly satisfying) combination of crazy fights and havoc. It catalyzes such human reactions as joyfulness, screaming, surprise, revenge, etc., allowing you to disconnect from reality, dive into pure, simple, stress-relieving fun, and slam your friends off a blimp! If only three of your pals could always come along for the super fun ride!

The Game Is Everything But Serious

Sounds like something you’ve been longing for, right? So, if you’re on the prowl for a deep, competitive title, choose something else. This gameplay will bring pure joy to you and your kids, filling your together moments with red-faced hysterical laughter and next-day-recollections that make your cheeks hurt because you can't stop smiling.