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The description of Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is the eighth part of the Japanese Resident Evil survival horror series by Capcom.  The game is available on a PS4 and PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC, with very little hope for a mobile version. While it generally keeps the style and key characteristics of the highly influential series, old fans have noticed a lot of fun irony aimed at those well-familiar with the series.

A Well-Twisted Plot

The Village part continues the story of Ethan Winters, who made his first appearance in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. This time the civilian turned hero, now living in East Europe, is looking for his daughter Rosemary, kidnapped by his dear friend Chris Redfield, who has also shot his wife Mia.

The protagonist wakes up in a forest after the truck carrying his unconscious body is attacked and embarks on the journey to find his baby girl, which brings him to a god-forgotten Romanian village full of gloomy mystery. Expect a dark cult and a truly unexpected reason behind Chris’s deed.

Perfect Ambience

Resident Evil Village boasts seriously stunning graphics across locations to suit every taste. From the opulent castle of Lady Dimitrescu to dilapidated village huts, everything is gorgeously detailed and full of ambience (beware: you are likely to find yourself distracted from the search for treasures!). Location lighting, including the shadow part, is incredibly compelling. You might complain about the scene being too dark at times, though, so prepare to squint.

Satisfying Combat

The amount of combat you’ll experience varies from location to location, the average being about 3 to 4 dark creatures (all with different abilities and tactics) at once. Capcom has given up claustrophobic fighting spaces for roomier settings that welcome full-swing combat, often with most ridiculous injuries that defeat the realistic feel for the purpose of sheer fun. If you are looking for a realistic experience, you might want to disable auto-aim.

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Interesting Facts

Resident Evil Village can be download on PS4, PS5, but it is not supported by PS3.
Will Resident Evil Village be an Xbox 360 and Xbox One version? - No. The developers are focused on mastering the new Xbox Series X and Series S platforms, not supporting the old ones.
Will RE Village be on Android or iPhone? - No, this game is too massive and can't just be ported to a mobile engine. Maybe there will be a Resident Evil Village Mobile for Android as a supporting guide.
When will Resident Evil 8 be released? - Resident Evil Village is Resident Evil 8, as it is a sequel to part 7.