The Crysis Trilogy Remaster Comes This Fall

Nick Howard

04 Jun 2021

The Crysis Trilogy Remaster Comes This Fall

It seems that the secret Department of Remakes won’t ever stop. This time, the high and mighty persuaded Crytek to update visuals in all the Crysis games and re-release them this fall. Unfortunately for those who care, the exact release date is still unknown. 

The remastered trilogy will come as a single package of games available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and even Nintendo Switch. For Series X/S and PS5, the bundle will be available only through the backward compatibility feature. The developer claims that the games will run “even smoother” on the new-gen consoles. Most probably, they are talking about higher framerates and resolutions. We also wait for the version of the almost-confirmed new Nintendo Switch that comes out this September. The new console is rumored to have a 4K screen, which will take portable gaming on a brand new quality level. 

The price for the trilogy also floats in the air and we don’t know whether a discount for the bundled purchase will be available. It’s also not clear if you get any benefits if you already have Crysis Remastered that costs $30 on Steam. Do you want to want the upcoming Crysis bundle? What price would you like to pay for it? Share the announcement with other title fans and reply in the comments below. 

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