What Will Become of the Union between Twitter and Shopify

Nick Howard

08 Jul 2022

What Will Become of the Union between Twitter and Shopify

Twitter expands its e-shopping features by partnering with Shopify, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms. The collaboration goes far beyond simply adding Twitter accounts to Shopify-powered stores. It should result in a sort of enhanced shopping experience for both Twitter users and stores on Shopify in several ways.

The primary audience of this collaboration is, of course, merchants that use Shopify. Now they can integrate Twitter into their social presence in more ways. First of all, it’s the integration of Twitter Shopping Manager that gives them access to various activities on Twitter. This also provides all the opportunities powered by Twitter for Professionals.

The integration also implies constant synchronization between Shopify and Twitter accounts, granting that ads and links on Twitter always display the information about certain items, prices, delivery terms, etc. correctly. In fact, the integration fully syncs the merchant’s catalogs on Shopify and Twitter Shopping Manager. Thus customers on Twitter always have access to the most up-to-date information.

On their Twitter profiles, merchants also can highlight certain products they want to advertise first. It can be done via Twitter Shops or Shop Spotlight. The result is one-click integration that allows the customer to complete the purchase on the merchant’s website right after clicking the link on Twitter. The experience is tailored primarily to make shopping on Twitter easier for mobile users.

The features are free for merchants, as Twitter gets its profits from actual sales, not subscriptions or anything like that. Both Twitter Shops and Shop Spotlight first became available to American merchants, and then they can launch around the world.

As a customer, do you often learn about products you want on Twitter? If you are a merchant, would you try these tools to expand your reach? We’d like to read more reviews in the comments, so welcome to the comments section!


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