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All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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The description of Homescapes

Help Austin, the butler, to restore his family's once-thriving mansion to its former glory. Explore the mansion and grounds to find hidden objects and restore the broken furniture and accessories. Play minigames for extra coins and gems. With your help, the mansion will be back to its former glory in no time!


The graphics in Homescapes are really well done and make the game look very nice. The background, characters, and objects are drawn in a beautiful and plain design. This makes the game more interesting. 

The user can easily see the characters and objects. The background is also bright and beautiful. The graphics make the game more colorful and attractive.


Homescapes is a new generation of match-3 game. The gameplay is very simple and addictive. The player just needs to swap and match 3 or more same objects or more to collect them. Use the objects to decorate and furnish all rooms in the mansion.

Homescapes is a game where the player has to make a house look better by repairing the garden, upgrading the house, and decorating it. The player can also complete a series of missions to earn coins and other rewards. The game offers you to earn power-ups to help you with the game.

The player can interact with the game by tapping on the screen to remove items. The player can also use the magnifying glass icon on the bottom of the screen to see items that are difficult to identify.

Replay Value

The replay value in Homescapes is really high. The player can either play the game to earn coins or complete the missions to earn more.

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