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All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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The description of Gacha Life

Gacha Life is a life simulation video game developed by Japan External Trade Organization and published by the company Gachagacha. The game is free to download and play through the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. Gacha Life was released in late 2016. Gacha Life is a game where the player acquires a pet cat by rolling a virtual die. The player can then feed their cat, play with it, and dress it up. The player can also spend coins to get more dice.


Gacha Life is a mobile game that is played by a very simple concept. In the game, the player is a young adult who is bored with their life. So, they go to the Gacha Life company to get their life turned into a Gacha game. As the game goes on, the player gets more and more money and tries to figure out how to live their new life. They can also get more friends and make their life more interesting with the variety of events. The game consists of two parts: an adventure mode and a home mode. Adventure mode consists of a story line in which the player's avatar has to complete various tasks and missions to progress. The player can spend in-game currency to speed up the process. Home mode consists of the player's house, where they can decorate the interior, buy furniture, and buy clothes from various shops using in-game currency.

In Gacha Life, you play as a human who wakes up one morning to find a kitten on their doorstep. As the player, you have to make your way to school and get ready for the day while taking care of your new pet. You can do this by feeding the kitten, playing with it, and dressing it up. You can also spend your coins on dice to get more pets.


The graphics in the game are very simplistic. They are mostly based on a white background with a few other colors thrown in. The design of the people is very simple as well, with no detail in their clothes, hair, or other features. The only exception to this is the player's avatar which is detailed. The graphics are simple but adorable, with brightly-colored backgrounds, high-quality animation, and a clean, uncluttered interface.


Gacha Life is a game that can be replayed to see what happens in other scenarios. For example, the player can get a different job, a different partner, or a different life altogether. Despite being a very short game, Gacha Life has a good amount of replayability. There are over a hundred playable cats, and there's a "story mode" where you can replay the main story with different cats.


  • Gacha Life is free to play
  • There are many different scenarios to play through
  • There are a variety of events that happen
  • The player can change their life in different ways
  • There are different jobs to try out
  • The game is engaging and can be played for a long time
  • The player can get more friends


  • The graphics are very simplistic
  • The player can only go through one scenario
  • It is easy to get sick of the game
  • The player can't customize their avatar
  • The game is very repetitive

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