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All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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The description of Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is an asymmetric stealth horror game that focuses on sneaking into your neighbor’s house to uncover the dark secret in the basement. The game is highly challenging and often unforgiving, but there are many ways to complete each level, and the game often requires you to be creative in your approach. You play as the young kid as he tries to get back home, while the neighbor’s house blocks the way. You have to sneak past the neighbor and avoid getting caught, which is easier said than done.


The gameplay of Hello Neighbor is in the third-person perspective, and you can use weapons or stealth to finish the levels. The neighbor will be patrolling his house and will call the police if he sees you, so you have to be careful and not get caught. The neighbor can see you through windows and the player can knock on windows and doors to distract the antagonist. The protagonist can also use various items and objects for distractions such as a jack-in-the-box or a can of paint, for example. You can hide in the bushes or behind a tree and sneak onto the neighbor’s property, but the neighbor has a range of detection, so you have to be careful not to be seen.


The graphics in Hello Neighbor are simplistic. The game includes a 3D environment with a 2D character but does not have a lot of detail.


  • The gameplay is scary and intense;
  • The graphics are simple but still looks like a horror movie;
  • The game has good replayability;
  • Introducing a new experience;
  • You can explore one of your neighbor's house;
  • The game is free;


  • The game is short.
  • The graphics are not appealing;
  • The replayability of the game is low;
  • The game is not too difficult;


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Interesting Facts

Facts That Will Make You Want to Download Hello Neighbor.

The Neighbor Is Controlled By Advanced AI

The AI-controlled Neighbor is smart and can easily adjust his strategies to your behavior patterns within the game. Each time you fail, the AI analyzes your previous actions, decisions, as well as movements, and then comes up with counteractions, traps, and tactics to ultimately pull the rug out from under you, aiming to outsmart you in the long run.

A Multitude of Interactable Items

Even though the game is set in a sandbox environment, you can use almost each and every object around you to your advantage. You’ll get to make use of a great deal of objects in your strategies inside the Neighbor’s house. For example, you can use a chair to block the door or use tables to set traps and prevent the Neighbor from catching you.

Tons of Ways to Solve Puzzles

By offering the players a wide variety of puzzle-solving choices, the Hello Neighbor game developers have granted the players some incredible freedom of action, as well as the possibility to build the best winning strategies. For instance, when you need to open the gate to set yourself free, you can either throw items at the switch or make use of a pile of objects. 

Cross-Platform Availability

Hello Neighbor is available for both iPhone and Android users. You can easily play Hello Neighbor on your PC or laptop, enjoying the aforementioned stress-relieving perks after a long day at work.